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Frequently Asked Questions

Humboldt Gauge FAQs

  1. Q: What do the black lines across the display screen of my 5001EZ mean?

    A: It likely means the EEPROM on the processor board has come loose. Try reseating it.

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  2. Q: How do I adjust the contrast on my 5001EZ gauge?

    A: Power on the gauge while holding down the F1 key. This will take you directly to the contrast adjust screen. Press F1 to increase contrast and F2 to decrease contrast.

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  3. Q: How should I orient my gauge on the reference block?

    A: When placed on the block, the index rod will be above the block handle as shown in the photo.

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  4. Q: What does the message “No Fonts Package” on the SD mean?

    A: It means the little black SD memory card aboard the green SOMDIMM board is missing or is loose from its connector or is defective.

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  5. Q: Why doesn’t my gauge show any moisture or density counts?

    A: No counts usually means that the high voltage power supply (HS-200088) has failed.

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  6. Q: Why might the depth on my index rod indicate incorrectly?

    A: The most common cause is that one of the position sensors in the Auto Rod Network (Depth Strip) has failed. This is a field replaceable part and is available for purchase.

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  7. Q: Can I use my gauge in inclement weather?

    A: No, the gauge is not waterproof.

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  8. Q: My SD gauge isn’t charging. What is the cause?

    A: Verify that the charger is outputting the correct voltage. Look to see if there are any breaches in the wiring or if the jack is loose from the receptacle. The NiMH batteries are a consumable item and have a finite lifetime that is affected by use, environment and charging habits. NiMH battery packs (HS-200144) are available for purchase.

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  9. Q: Why does my gauge fail standard counts?

    A: Ensure that the gauge is positioned properly. Ensure that standard counts stored in memory are appropriate by comparing them to factory standard counts. Also, ensure no other gauges are nearby that could impact the counts.

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  10. Q: Why does my gauge fail standard counts?

    A: Ensure you have a good standard counts to begin with. Are you at the correct depth?

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  11. Q: Why is my gauge hard to index?

    A: Ensure the index rod and shield cavity are clean and free of debris. Check the bottom of the gauge to make sure dirt has not accumulated in the sliding block or base plate area. See Cleaning the Sliding Shield documentation. Humboldt recommends Molykote for lubricating the index rod. Tubes of Molykote are available for purchase.

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  12. Q: What is my prescale factor for “Humboldt” gauges?

    A: All Humboldt gauges have a prescale factor of 16.

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