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Capture test results and share them with anyone with Humboldt’s new QR‑code driven cellular phone app. Now, you can transfer your test data to your phone and from there, share it with anyone via email, text message or cloud-sharing platforms. The simplicity of this process is aided by the Humboldt EZ-2 gauge’s graphical display, which allows the use of QR codes and your phone's camera to transfer test data. The app also allows the user to use the coordinates of the nuclear gauge to tag the GPS location for each measurement.

With the new gauge and app, you will be able to transfer data for single readings, as well as projects and groups of projects. This is great for storing test data in multiple places to protect against data loss, as well as sharing data with the lab and supervisors while you are onsight. And, the gauge still stores all the test data, which can then be transfered by the app or thumb-drive with a .csv file. So look into the new Humboldt EZ-2 nuclear gauge and our new app and see how easy using a nuclear gauge can be.

Nuclear Gauge App

After each test, a QR code is presented on the EZ-2 Screen. Scanning this code transfers the data to the phone app and allows you to share it with others via email, text message or a cloud-sharing platform.

Nuclear Gauge App

Typical informaton displayed on the phone app includes: time of test, dry density, moisture percent, wet density, moisture, percent of proctor, maximum density, as well as the location, the GPS informaton and a map illustrating the test location.

Download and Try The Humboldt App Today!

Once the App is downloaded, scan the QR code above in the grey box to see example results.

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