Winter Calibration Special

We use 100% NEW parts to manufacture our gauges

New Lower Price

Choose from Two,
Gauge Models

Humboldt HS-5001SD
State-of-the-Art Nuclear Gauge

Easy to use and view Touch-Screen
or keypad operation. NiMH battery provides 60 hr. operation with AA battery backup.

Select HS 5001-SD

Humboldt HS-5001EZ
Easy is just the beginning

Easy to operate, easy to power and easy to service. Built-in test routines and auto features.

Select HS 5001-EZ
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EaZy Calibration and Repair Form

To get your nuclear gauge calibrated or repaired, simply fill out this form and we will handle the rest. All you'll need to do is follow the preparation instructions we send you - print out the shipping papers and include them with the gauge. It's that simple. And, that's why we call it EaZy!


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ISO 17025 Calibration

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