Humboldt Nuclear Gauge Disposal / Return of Radioactive Material  Form

To request a disposal, the below information is required by the customer for evaluation and approval.

Gauge Information

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Customer Information

Please note:

  • No gauge or sources will be accepted without a Return Materials Authorization Form (RMA) Humboldt Scientific and the above information.
  • Leaking sources will not be accepted.
  • Humboldt Scientific reserves the right to return any gauge to the customer if removal of the sources is deemed impractical for any reason.
  • Humboldt Scientific will provide a disposal/transfer letter of receipt to the customer upon acceptance of a source.
  • The cost for disposal service will be determined per unit per device Model and source activity.
  • Customer is responsible for all transportation costs (including import customs / duties fees if applicable) back to the factory in Raleigh, NC, USA.

If you have questions or need additional services, contact Humboldt Scientific at 1-800-537-4183.

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