Nuclear Gauge Software

Gauge Assistant

Version 4.5.59 (EXE) – (01/01/2018)
(UNINSTALL any previous versions)
Note: Gauge Assistant is protected with a hard key,
Contact Humboldt for licensing information.
Phone: 1-800-537-4183

SD Model Software

Download and reporting software for model SD
nuclear gauges
Gauge Reporting Software
Version 2016.02.15.311 Released 02-15-2016

Firmware Update for SD Gauge with NiMH battery pack only
SD Firmware 1.5.1
Released 02-21-2018 (N151RL.mfu)

Firmware Update for SD Gauge with LiON pack only
SD Firmware 1.4.6
Released 11-04-2016 (N146RL.mfu)

Phone: 1-800-537-4183

Programmer Utilities


Logical Devices

Husky Programmer
Logical Devices

Humboldt IR Download

Note: For use with Humboldt Nuclear Gauges and
GeoGauge. Not for used with model SD gauges.
Last Updated: 10/25/2007
Version 2.6.3 – (MSI)


MDAC Version 2.5 – 7.5 MB

HASP Drivers – 1.5 MB (32 bit)
HASP Drivers – 1.75 MB (16 bit)